Celebrating over 40 years as a Business Owner

I Need Your Help! Your Feedback Is Much Appreciated

 I am once again planning for future trainings and need your feedback on what you would like to know more about either as a training or a roundtable discussion.

 I would appreciate it if you would fill out the following short 4 question survey.If you would like to lead a training or discussion, please enter it in the comments below. Read More...

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Mobile Friendly eMails Infographic

 This infographic from TrafficGenerationCafe.com has a few tweaks you should do to make sure your emails can be read easily on mobile phones

Mobile Friendly Email Infographic





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Here’s To Small Businesses!

Celebrating National Small Business Week with Kathy Pop

 It's National Small Business Week


  Our country & it's economy depend on small business – There are 28 million small businesses just in the U.S. alone and they Celebrating National Small Business Week with Kathy Popoutnumber corporations by 1162 to 1! And they are staying in business longer than ever before, 70% of small businesses stay in business for at least 2 years and 50% stay open for more than 5 years. Read More...

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Let’s keep the Discussion Going!

Our MasterMind Group get results!

eMail Delivery

  I always think of things or questions after a meeting, do you do too? I'm sure I'll probably forget to ask or mention this :-D, how would you like to continue the discussions? FB group, on MeetUp? Read More...

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MeetUp Groups For San Antonio Entrepreneurs

Sponsor a Meetup group

I recently stepped up as Organizer for 3 Meetup groups here in San Antonio.

I hope to bring value to these groups in the form of trainings, brainstorming ideas & solutions, networking. I welcome all feedback from members about what they want to accomplish, learn, help

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Get Your Business Ready For An Awesome & Profitable New Year!

Are you ready to make 2015 the most profitable year yet? Have you laid out your short & long-term goals and marketing plans yet?  How about one of you most precious tools – your computer, do you do any regular maintenance for it, to keep it in top running condition? Read More...

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It’s Tricks and Hacks Saturday- Updated

Ask Kathy Pop

UPDATE  This was originally posted Feb 7, 2009. Not much has changed except for Windows. I still use many of the same tools that I did in 2009.

I found some more cool stuff on YouTube. There are a few things you should do on a regular basis- at least once a week.I use Avast Anti-Virus. It’s a free program and has caught more things than any other that

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Using Webinars To Enhance Business Meetings and Increase Sales

Web Conferencing

Webinars or Web Conferencing is no longer limited to large corporations. There are many affordable options out there and several free ones that have similar features as the paid ones.

 Should you be using web conferencing? if you have a business, especially an online one, you probably could benefit from it. if you promote products or services, collaborate w/ others, conduct trainings, or even have family that are spread out

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More IM “Guru’s” BS!


I caught a few Internet Marketing “Gurus” in a lie recently, so I just have to post a little rant!
I have attended or viewed the replays of several Internet Marketing Guru's webinars during which they told a little lie. It's a small one- just about how long they have used WordPress, but a lie none the less.

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Online Business ~ KeyWords

Now that you have your list, it's time to see what keyword phrase you can use. My advise is to not get too hung up on keywords/ keyphrases and the numbers in the software. I have known folks to have a profitable site using keyphrases that said there weren't enough stats business woman making moneyto report on. Read More...

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